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Linda Wang

Linda Wang is a multimedia journalist/communications specialist based in Los Angeles.



88rising: Launching Asian Musicians onto the Global Stage

With each hit, music label 88rising is bridging the gap between East and West and daring a new generation of Asian artists to dream bigger. 88rising, a passion project born on the roof of a Bronx parking garage, made its name as a viral hit maker and has since transformed into a culture-shaping artist collective.
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Working But On The Brink Of Homelessness

Family photos, Bible verse decals and wedding mementos adorn Jimmy Mejia and Patty Garrido's living room walls in South Los Angeles. Despite their efforts, the decorations can't mask the unpatched holes in the ceiling and the roaches that crawl around their kitchen. In one corner, there's a hole where the drywall caved in after a recent storm.

San Francisco high-rise remakes skyline to mixed reviews

More than 60 stories above the ground, construction workers climb makeshift stairs and cross narrow steel planks to put the finishing touches on Salesforce Tower, now San Francisco’s tallest building. The $1.1 billion skyscraper has already changed the city’s skyline, towering over old favorites like Coit Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid.
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No Monkeying Around: San Francisco's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Mulls if Naruto Owns Its Selfies

A curious monkey with a toothy grin and a knack for pressing a camera button was back in the spotlight Wednesday as a federal appeals court heard arguments on whether an animal can hold a copyright to selfie photos. A 45-minute hearing before a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco attracted crowds of law students and curious citizens who often burst into laughter.

China's 'Leftover Women'

Every weekend since 2004, hundreds of parents gather at a Shanghai park in hopes of finding potential marriage partners for their children. I went to the Shanghai marriage market in March 2017 to better understand dating and marriage culture in China. The trip didn't go as planned.
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All-in on voice assistants

As AI voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant evolve, so too do the potential risks. Researchers have shown several ways people can trick and manipulate smart devices. Despite potential privacy issues, some people remain big believers. Allen Rodriguez has three Alexa devices and a Google Home in his house -- he uses them to control the lights, communicate with his daughters between different rooms, and more.

From 'Unabomber' To 'Mad Bomber,' A Look At Past Serial Bombers

Authorities said a "serial bomber" was behind the explosions that killed two and injured several others in the Texas capital. Early Wednesday morning, police said a suspect in the bombings killed himself in an explosion in his vehicle. More than 500 investigators and bomb techs looked for clues to catch the culprit, and they likely relied on lessons learned from past serial bombers and their varied motives.

California baseball fans, players have common enemy: gulls

Like any player, San Francisco Giants outfielder Denard Span worries about hitting nasty curveballs and losing fly balls in the sun. But he’s got another concern when he’s playing at his home stadium: birds pooping on him in the field. “I’m afraid of them dropping something, using the bathroom on top of me,” Span said.
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San Francisco park where shooting occurred plagued by crime

The San Francisco park where three people were shot on a sunny afternoon underwent a $20 million renovation last year and immediately became one of the city’s most popular destinations — and a magnet for drug use, gang activity and violence. The new playground, additional bathrooms and improved amenities of the park in a gentrifying neighborhood of trendy restaurants and bakeries attracts dog walkers, families and young tech workers.
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Warriors fans celebrate, with expectations of more to come

Even from six rows back, 9- and 10-year-old brothers William and Rizal Cahambing were not going to miss a chance to see their favorite Golden State Warriors player, Stephen Curry, as he rode atop a double-decker bus during Thursday's parade to celebrate the team's latest championship.

Living in China/Mexico in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, immigrant communities flourish with generous space to retain their own identities and with them, their native languages.

Huge, homely mastiff named Martha wins world’s ugliest dog

Martha is big, ugly, lazy and gassy. And a world champion. In a competition annually dominated by the old, the tiny, and the hairless, the 3-year-old, 125-pound Neapolitan Mastiff used her lollygagging youth to win the 29th annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. She was a favorite of the Northern California crowd from the start, often plopping down on her side on stage with her droopy face spread across the ground when she was supposed to be showing off.
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Linda Wang

Linda Wang is a multimedia journalist/communications specialist who's particularly interested in writing about the intersection of race, politics and identity. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, NPR, The Washington Post and more.

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